decembrie 30, 2012


I don't know what to do. To appreciate or to discrease !!! the ability of knowing that what I do is wrong, that escaping from reality is not well. That problems won't solve like this, that I won't change stuff unless I CHANGE something in this life. But it hurts to know that by your own power it's impossible to change, to move from the couch and take action. Today's teenagers have many fights, I have no idea if you figure that out, but it's hard. To understant youself, to have a clear mind and healthy thoughts it's rare between us. And how can I escape from all this escaping? I know that internet won't solve any of my soul's problems. Why I can't escape from the keyboard and start reading, start planning and start doing what I should've done all day? How did our parents escape from the problems? No MP4s, no iPads, no internet, no facebook, no theraphits.
          I would love to shut down stuff when I finish this post and start doing, start doing what I've always wanted and see the fruits of action.

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