decembrie 31, 2012


               It takes time to realize that you are just a tiny element in this giant world. That stuff you are impressed by might as well be at others little finger even before they are aware of it... It is even more fascinating to think that you, that tiny original piece, are loved by God. I mean, look at all those people, imagine the people you know, who you consider superior. Superior how? More intelligent, wealthier, more creative, more active. Your self esteem can be destroyed in no time. You check I don't know whose Facebook account and see their latest trips or clothes. But even so, without those things God loves you. And knowing that can save you from many negative thoughts and regrets. Maybe you won't understand all the stuff that happen around you, or the strings that exist in the world, but this shouldn't interfere with you happiness.\
                 I advise you to care more about your character in the new year, to be jolly without all the comfort you imagine you need and take ACTION, stop saying and start DOING something with your life!! Best wishes, P.

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