februarie 07, 2013


   That weird feeling, when you figure out that is way too easy to be common, especially among billion people on planet Earth. Here's a tip: don't trust your feelings, they lie! Don't lose control over yourself, develop good attitude and healthy habits. As for loneliness, the big drawback of our generation is the nimiety of virtual communication option. So we lose real connection, real relationships and get the lonely feelings even with a thousand friends on facebook. Trust God and his Word, everything else will eventually fall apart, really!

3 comentarii:

  1. Being lonley, sometimes, could be a gift and a blessing, Jesus himself spent a lot of his nights praying in solitude far away from his disciples. You realize who you are and your own needs only in lonliness; also, you start to feel good with anyone when you feel good with yourself. First, in Paradise, Adam was lonely...

    1. Yes, indeed. I appreciate it now more than I used to, I might call it maturation. Yet loneliness must be taken in small doses, only when necessary, only with a good purpose.

  2. (One Hundred Years of Solitude) Un veac de singurătate - G.G Marquez
    (Too Loud a Solitude) O singuratate prea zgomotoasa - Bohumil Hrabal